The Digital Sector

  • 90% of the population have at least one digital device in the home.
  • NESTA predicts that Creative and Digital Industries will grow at double the rate of the rest of the economy.
  • At over £2 billion in global sales, the UK’s video games sector is bigger than either its film or music industries.

In the games industry alone at least 1,700 more workers are needed over the next five years to maintain the UK’s global position. Gaming and Digital businesses in the Liverpool City Region employ 1,600 people and generate £300 million annually. There is a strong community of games, apps, social media and interactive TV developers who are looking to employ dynamic young people to help support this growing industry. Liverpool has a strong community of small entrepreneurial companies making games, mobile apps, social gaming online and working with creative media companies making films and TV products.

Young people are more expert with this technology than adults – therefore there is a real opportunity to create future careers, job or even your own  company. Creative and Digital skills and experiences gained at The Studio will also be a passport into careers in many different industries including marketing, education and science. Students will have opportunities to work with world class gaming and app developers and digital entrepreneurs. Enterprising projects will give student the opportunity to create their own digital art, games, apps and commercial businesses. Students will graduate with a digital portfolio of experiences to secure places at University, jobs or even to start their own business.